Our Cheesemakers

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Mama Terra Micro Creamery

Grade A goat dairy

Nestucca Bay Creamery

Farmstead fresh & aged cheeses from pastured cows

Oak Leaf Creamery

Raw goat milk cheeses

Rivers Edge Chèvre

Sustainable farmstead national & international award winning goat cheese

Ochoa’s Queseria

Handmade authentic, natural Mexican-style cheese

Face Rock Creamery

Gourmet handmade cow cheese

By George Farm

Farmstead grass-fed cow cheese

Fraga Farm Goat Cheese

Farmstead organic fresh and raw goat cheese

Briar Rose Creamery

Artisan fresh and aged goat and cow cheese

Gia’s Cheesorizo

Handmaid cheese that cooks like sausage

Willamette Valley Cheese Company

Farmstead classic European-style cow cheese

O.S. Creamery

Artisan cheese made in the tradition of alpine cheeses from Europe

Umapine Creamery

Farmstead fresh and aged cheeses from pastured cows

TMK Creamery

Transparent farm to table dairy products specializing in fresh and aged cheeses

La Mariposa

Handcrafted international-style raw cow cheese

Helvetia Creamery

Artisan Swiss Cheese

Goldin Artisan Goat Cheese

Farmstead artisan rustic French-style goat cheese

Rogue Creamery

Organic, award-winning handmade blue and cheddar cheese from cow and goat milk since 1933

Ancient Heritage Dairy

Handcrafted French- and Italian-style sheep and cow cheese

Crushpad Creamery

Fresh and aged goat and cow cheese to go with wine

Walla Walla Cheese Company

Cheeses made from local cows!

Ferns’ Edge Goat Dairy

Farmstead artisan soft and aged goat cheese

Portland Creamery

Artisan goat cheese

Tillamook Cheese

Naturally aged, award-winning cheddar and other cow cheese