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p: 541.444.1362

e: threering@peak.org


6315 Logsden Farm

Logsden, OR 97357

Hours of Operation

Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., seven days a week for self-serve shopping in the cheese case. No tours are provided.

Self-serve cheese case, open all year.

Fresh and aged artisanal farmstead goat cheese in Oregon's Central Coast Range. The farm produces fresh chèvre plain, or in signature tortes and rounds. Rivers Edge also has a small but diverse selection of farmstead goat cheeses in a variety of shapes and styles, from small three ounce nuggets to large tow-pound wheels. Rivers Edge sells its cheeses at independent shops and retail stores around the country, many in the Pacific Northwest, and is also happy to sell directly to consumers. To place an order or locate a store near you, call 541.444.1362 or e-mail threering@peak.org.

Cheesemaking Philosophy

“As a former chef at the Sylvia Hotel in Newport, creative cheesemaking indulges my love of flavor development. And when we’re making a difficult cheese, it feels great when the curds just sing in the vat, because you know they’re just going to get better as you move them along.”
—Patricia Morford

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