The Grossen family emigrated from Switzerland in the late 1800s and settled in the Swiss community of Helvetia, Oregon. They brought with them their tradition of making Swiss Alpine Cheese "Bergkäse" from the Brown Swiss cows they milked. Our family is now the 6th generation to farm the land and to raise Brown Swiss cows. On our Century Farm we carry on the tradition of producing the same style Alpine cheeses that Dave's great-grandfather made in Helvetia over 100 years ago.


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Hillsboro, OR

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Cheesemaking philosophy

"Cheesemaking is the sum of satisfying work, from tending our pastures and growing our hay, to caring for our cows to make milk for producing wonderful cheese. It is a reminder of past traditions and the gratification of handing down the love of hands-on work to my children." Dave Grossen