Bandon Oregon has been home to cheese making since the 1800’s. According to Eileen at the city Museum there were 10 cheese makers in the area during the 1880’s. Since then, a series of fires and other troubles has repeatedly removed the cheesemaking industry from Bandon. But the cheesemakers always come back!

In 2011, citizens teamed up with the city to reclaim an old property and bring cheesemaking back to Bandon -- again!

As the developers build, they are utilizing local staff wherever possible. The community involvement with the building and operation of the finished factory is expected to be high. We are ALL looking forward to that first bite of the reestablished cheese made in Bandon. The name of the factory is Face Rock Creamery; write it down, tell your friends. Let's continue to support Bandon together!


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680 2nd St SE Bandon, OR 97411

Hours of operation

10 am to 8 pm, Monday - Saturday 10 am to 5 pm, Sunday