Located in the heart of the Willamette Valley wine country, Briar Rose Creamery creates handcrafted fresh and aged goat cheeses, aged cow's milk cheeses, and award-winning chocolate goat cheese truffles. Each small batch is nurtured to achieve the best flavor and texture, highlighting the seasonal qualities of the cheeses.

Briar Rose is a small, artisan producer that thrives on the painstaking process that goes into every ounce of cheese that it creates. Briar Rose produces fine, delicate cheeses that it’s proud to say comes from Oregon's Willamette Valley, and are every bit as delicious as the region's famous Pinot Noirs and renowned microbrews.


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19231 NE Fairview Dr Dundee, OR 97115

Hours of operation

Fri-Sat 12-5; Mon-Thu please email or call for appointment

Cheesemaking philosophy

“When my hands are in a warm vat of curd, I realize this is what it’s all about. It’s like alchemy. I can take a tank of milk and transform it into an art form. When a batch turns out just right, and I share it with friends, my work gets validated.”
—Sarah Marcus