Made from the high-quality milk of the resident Alpine herd, the cheeses are crafted on a small-scale in a traditionally artisan manner. The inventiveness and skill incorporated in the production process make the unique quality of these rustic cheeses a true exception.

Goldin Artisan Goat Cheeses are inspired by memories of Carine’s upbringing in the Savoie region of France. Likewise, the quality of the milk is influenced by the local soil and climate of the Pacific Northwest.


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32880 South Sawtell Road Molalla, OR 97038

Hours of operation

Open Sundays by appointment only.

Cheesemaking philosophy

“As a child I lived in France, surrounded by the best rustic cheeses. When I came to America I noticed a lack of such cheese, which eventually inspired me to make my own French alpine cheese. It’s a pleasure to offer people the experience of rustic, complex, delightful cheese.”
—Carine Goldin