Cheesorizo® was the inspiration of Pholia Farm Creamery's cheesemaker, Gianaclis. A longtime vegetarian, Gianaclis (aka Gia) was craving something spicy and hearty to eat. As a teacher and writer of all things cheesy, Gianaclis knew how to make a cheese that won't melt. "Why not season it like sausage and then cook it?" she thought. And Gia's Cheesorizo was born. Wellmont Farms, LLC was formed between Gianaclis and her husband along with longtime friends Christine and Bob Demont to turn the dream into a business. Pholia Farm Creamery currently shares the space on their off-grid farmstead creamery with Wellmont Farms.


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9115 W. Evans Creek Rd Rogue River, OR 97537

Cheesemaking philosophy

Cheesorizo is about having fun with spices, flavors, and cooking. Our winking cow logo really sums it up. It's cheese masquerading as meat, because really, cheese is the original white meat!