Ancient Heritage Dairy

Handcrafted French- and Italian-style sheep and cow cheese

Our name Ancient Heritage Dairy takes its inspiration from centuries of artisan cheese making in France, Italy and Spain. We create award-winning cheeses that exemplify time-honored European methods while showcasing the finest of Oregon’s sustainable food heritage.
Founded by cheesemaker Paul Obringer, Ancient Heritage is now led by Paul’s son, Hank Obringer. As sheep and dairy farmers for the better part of a decade, we understand the nuances of crafting high quality sheep and cow’s milk cheeses. In 2015, we ended our farming days, restored an historic creamery building and opened a modern production facility in Southeast Portland.
With the collaboration of Portland’s nationally admired food community, we handcraft small batch cheeses that honor the venerable cheese-making traditions of old Europe. We balance careful blending and thoughtful aging, producing cheeses with magnificent texture and unique flavor profiles.


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1311 SE 7th St.
Portland OR, OR 97214

Hours of operation

Shop at Alma off 7th Monday-Friday, 11-6

Cheesemaking philosophy

"We see cheesemaking as very creative and exciting. It starts with the animals and evolves from there into something people can really enjoy. We love the reactions people have at farmers’ markets and grocery stores. Our family pulls together to make cheese that is really something else. This is pure food."
- Paul Obringer